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Fort Jefferson - Dry Tortugas National Park

Let us take you back over a hundred years to the time of the Civil War and to a remote outpost of a fledgling nation. Fort Jefferson has stories to tell, stories about the men who built the fort, the men who lived here, men who were prisoners here. “If only the walls could talk….” A go GPS tour will let the walls talk and we will bring the past back to life with not only the stories but the conditions and the individuals that made the history. In addition enjoy the stories about many of the migrating birds that call these islands home. Look, listen and enjoy.

Your mp3 player including an iPod will deliver illuminating, fun, and an informative tour. The tour is at your pace. You choose when you want to continue. There is no rush, leave the crowds behind. Let us transport you across time with the fusion of the sights and sounds as your mp3 player guides you from construction of America’s Gibraltar to the present day. Leave amazed at the incredible history of this isolated site.

The audio mp3 file cost is $10.00 and is through our secure merchant account. paypal is free for you to use and allows us accept credit cards. You do not even need to make an account to use paypal. Here is a link to if you need to research before you purchase the download.

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Nineteenth Century
Nineteenth Century

Fort Jefferson Entrance Today

Fort Jefferson Friends:

Fort Jefferson cannons from the Nineteenth Century
Cannons in the Nineteenth Century

Fort Jefferson cannon today
Cannon Today

Fort Jefferson moat from the Nineteenth Century
Moat in the Nineteenth Century

Fort Jefferson moat today
Moat Today

Fort Jefferson entrance in the Nineteenth Century
Entrance in the Nineteenth Century